Adult Basic Skills Math Class

Thought this was a funny video 🙂  Many of us have fears when it comes to math.  We learned the basics when we were younger, but anxiety creeps up and- even when we know how to solve a problem, we simply can’t when faced with the numbers on the page.

Lots of adults would benefit from a remedial math course.  You start with arithmetic, move up to pre-algebra, then onto algebra, and then perhaps a bit of geometry.  The goal here is not to help you ace your next graduate-level calculus exam.  The goal is simply to get you back on your feet and develop a sort of comfort and familiarity with basic mathematical concepts, so that your math knowledge is brought up to speed.

Online GED Tutoring

diploma-bwThe GED, or General Education Development test, is proof that an individual has satisfied the requirements of a high school education.  Many people pursue a GED as an alternative to a diploma for a variety of reasons, but you need someone on your side to help you.  A tutor can answer questions you may have, direct you to the appropriate educational resources, motivate you to succeed when you get frustrated, and most importantly of all, increases your chances of passing the test.

Online tutors are a great alternative to in-person tutors.  Whether you’re working, raising a family, dealing with the stresses of everyday life, or simply want to catch up as a personal goal, an online tutor helps you on your own unique schedule.

The most common subject to need help with is math, so you’ve come to the right place.  GED tutors help you help yourself meet your educational goals.

About 3,500 GED Testing Centers are available in the fifty United States, the District of Columbia, and eleven Canadian provinces.

Homework Buddy

Lots of people benefit from having a homework buddy.  Some of us face anxiety when facing a math problem online, and others find themselves easily distracted.  Another person- be that a friend, acquaintance, tutor, or parent- can make a tremendous difference in one’s ability to focus and subsequently, the quality of his or her work.

Math is a unique case where people need to give their undivided attention.  At first glance, we’d think that a buddy would be distracting, but this isn’t the case.  Having another person present gives all of us that extra incentive to keep paying attention to the problems we’re trying to work out.  In other subject, discussing the subject matter at hand might be beneficial, but with math, you really need to stay put, keep your head down, and pay as much attention as possible.